Cloud Gazing

The children in Bumblebees are enjoying the sunshine. Some of them decided to lie on the floor and gaze at the clouds. They saw lots of interesting shapes in the sky and some children even thought they saw a Rocket Ship zoom past !

Lottie – ‘I lay on the grass and saw a Crocodile cloud’
Elsie – ‘I saw a line in the sky’
Jasmine – ‘I was lying on the grass and saw a dragon pattern in the sky’
James – ‘I saw a line that was moving, it looked like a Rocket on fire’
Nancy – ‘I lay down and saw a Bumblebee cloud’
Cody – ‘There was a Rocket flying in circles
Oakley – ‘I was looking at shapes in the sky’
Tommy – ‘I saw the trail from a Rocket’