A lovely week in Hedgehogs!

This week we have been thinking about the wolf in The Three Little Pigs. We have been finding the difference between two numbers and comparing statements in maths.

In science, Year 1 have been counting their teeth, finding out how many they have, and naming the different types of adult teeth. In Design Technology children have begun a topic called ‘Eat more fruit and vegetables’.

The children particularly enjoyed Forest School this week and dressing up in spots for Children In Need!70B92395-DA8C-43B2-AD6A-AF563477F0B4 16E0616E-B426-4D22-91E9-C122A4D41DEF A12B0B7E-8BF5-4BCC-8BB2-ED73E7FC8015 6AA93D49-22E7-471B-93E3-D99BD37C9F4D 3B8F22BE-F303-4F7B-894D-ED326880A459 86CBABED-132E-49F3-86CF-AFC58E561CF7 1469B8D2-3C42-4434-B471-A4DA72BE557A D84CD754-E2E6-4B4F-ACC9-6CD9013F890E B92E0B9A-AD02-4F88-B944-8DEBEACCF251 3CB8649B-9BFD-410F-BDDC-CFE1CD27944D 280AE8B3-CDC1-4CA9-A703-FC7131D376C5