Dragonfly Class – the last day!

Well – you’ve DONE IT!! It’s been the most bizarre end to our year but we’ve finally made it to our summer holidays. So for today, as we always would, I want you to have FUN!

Some ideas:

🌟 Write a letter to your future self! What advice would you like to give yourself for September? What kind of things do you think it would be worth remembering on your first day back? What have you been proud of and what would you like to achieve next?

🌟 Create a piece of art that shows something about you right now; perhaps things you’ve been doing or something to reflect your feelings.

🌟 Bake / cook something to celebrate your final day!

🌟 Enjoy a walk where you can think about all the things you have achieved at Ruyton (you might need a very long walk to remember them all!)

🌟 Watch your favourite film or listen to your favourite music 🎶  I’m loving Moana at the moment!

🌟 Turn off your computer screens… challenge yourself to go make some memories!

Thank you for giving me such a lovely year of teaching. I’ve got such happy memories teaching you all and you’ve just added another year of reasons why I have the best job in the world. I can’t wait to see you all become Owls in September; have a happy, healthy and fun-filled summer and I’ll see you soon.

Lots of love,

Miss Whit xx