Work and activities for Rabbits Tuesday 24th March

Good Morning Rabbits.  I hope you had a good day yesterday and you were able to enjoy the lovely sunshine as well as doing your maths on-line and some of the reading.  Well done to all of you who completed the MyMaths and TT Rockstars.


Today, I have set you some more mymaths and I will check in later to see how you are doing.


I have set some activities on Education City – I hope these work for you today.  If you have problems you could also look on twinkl as they have some on-line English activities for your year group.  Can you please start your diary?  We discussed keeping a diary of the things that you are doing each day with your family. Remember to include the date, writing it in the past tense.


The books on Reading Eggs are for our class to read and enjoy.  Could you also draw something related to the book that you are reading at the moment?

Spelling and Grammar

Spelling and grammar games are on Education City but also copy out the next column of spellings for handwriting practice today.  Can you do this short task in your home-learning book please?

Add a or an to complete the sentences. 

I would like _____ unicorn, please. I have got a bike and _____ helmet.
It is such _____ shame! It was _____ exciting moment.
Can I have _____ extra go? There’s _____ huge elephant!


As you know so much about castles now, I would like you to have a go at your project.  I sent home with you some pictures of weapons, clothing and food from the Medieval time and asked you to prepare a booklet of information, drawings and facts.  Please also think about making a castle model out of household things – we talked about making battlements and dens or creating castles from boxes and kitchen equipment.  Ask your parents first!  Take photos for me and you can send them to my email address.

Keep busy – keep happy and keep well!  I miss you all.

Mrs Cooke