Spellings – 14.9.23

Homework and spellings will be given out on a Thursday and will be expected back in on the following Wednesday. We will have an informal spelling test on a Wednesday too to see how the children are getting on. Homework will be a mixture of online and on paper tasks!

The handwriting sheet in your homework folders shows you how to form your letters. Try to use the correct letter formation when practising your spellings.

Year 1: /igh/ – i, i-e

Try and write the spelling at least three times on the line. Take time to form your letters correctly and keep them sitting on the line.

Year 1 Spellings 14.9.23

Year 2: /ay/ – ay, ai. a-e

Try and write the spelling three or more times on the line. Make sure your letters are formed correctly and facing the right way.

Year 2 Spellings 14.9.23