Rabbits Home Learning – Thursday 9th July

Good Morning Rabbits

I really loved Mrs Viner’s Well-being Wednesday message yesterday.  Her display in school is very inspiring.

For our handwriting exercise today, I would like you to re-write this poem, take time to make it look beautiful for yourself.  You might spend time decorating a border for it or drawing a picture that you are inspired to do.

This is a daily reminder
To be yourself,
To not care what people think,
To know you can be anything.

This is a daily reminder
To love yourself,
To not hurt yourself,
To not work yourself up.

This is a daily reminder
That you are beautiful,
That you are amazing,
That you will succeed.

This is a daily reminder
To always have hope,
To have faith,
To know everything will be okay.

Source: https://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/this-is-a-daily-reminder

English: you will need to look at the film again from yesterday on the Literacy Shed.

The film has no words so I would like you to put words to the pictures as you watch it.  You are going to narrate the story as you go along.  You do not need to write anything down, just follow along the images and say what is happening.

It might sound a little like this – “a little girl has a bright yellow bag and she goes for a walk outside”

When you have watched it a couple of times, and narrated the story, I would like you to just tell the story.  Find someone who will listen to you!  A brother or sister, parent or even your pet.  Tell the story as you remember it.

Now click on this attachment and answer the questions please:

Girl with the yellow bag

Maths: emoji addition code breaking

This is a fun warm up task – pick the level you wish to do – you have to use the code to find the answers.

The next sheets are column addition.  Remember what to do?  Add the ONES first, then the TENS then the HUNDREDS.  Write your answers under each of the columns.

column addition

Reading Comprehension:  The following task is to help you work on remembering what you have read, and understand what you have read.  Remember to read it through first, read the questions, then read again and underline anything you don’t know – or that you want to remember.  Then tackle the questions.

Plastic Comprehension

That is a lot of work for one morning!  Tomorrow we will do the music class again – the BoomWacker challenges are really fun.  If you are feeling in the mood for more music – try this one on youtube:

Have a lovely day!

Mrs Cooke