Rabbits Home Learning – The Last Day of Term!

Good morning Rabbits and it’s almost the real holidays.  How exciting!  If we were in school I would have planned a lot of fun activities for your all, so here are my ‘remote learning’ activities to keep you busy today.

Crafts and Art:   These are some wonderful craft making videos and are easy to follow:

Puzzles: This website offers printable wordsearches with themes including Easter.  https://www.puzzles-to-print.com/easter-puzzles/index.shtml

I have also included a pdf which is an Easter Story comprehension.  I have not given the answers, but I will post these later today.

Easter Comprehension Friday 3rd  click on this to link to the pdf.

PSHE:  we would usually be spending an hour talking and working together – which is impossible now and I know many of you are missing one another.  I would like us all to do a task – to draw a field full of rabbits and each one is a member of our class.  Write on the rabbit the things that you like most about your classmate.  I will do the same today and I will post my picture at the end of the day.  If you can photograph and email your pictures to me, we will put up a Rabbits gallery.

Have a lovely, lovely Easter holiday.  I miss you all very much and look forward to when we all return to school in the future.

Mrs Cooke