Rabbits – Home learning from 2nd June

Good Morning Rabbits

I hope you are all well and excited about learning today. I am so sorry to those who were unable to open some of the documents.  I have attached the word search to the spellings page for today.

Warm up – here is a crossword puzzle for you – but you have to complete it yourself!  Volcanos Crossword Puzzle  You will need to look at the vocabulary that I have also provided to work out the answers!

Lava  Plume  Crater  Magma  Volcanic Fissure

English:  Please see the BBC Bitesize lesson for today and the Education City grammar activity.

Maths:  Please select today’s lesson (lesson 2) for your year group.

Week 6 Lesson 2 Year 2 Answers

Week 6 Lesson 2 year 2

Week 6 Lesson 2 Year 3 answers

Week 6 Lesson 2 Year 3

Project:  To continue with Volcanoes, I have included some more information on how a volcano is formed.  Take a look at the powerpoint.  6. Structure of a volcano

Can you now do one of your amazing cartoon-strips for me?  I would like 8 squares each showing the sequence of the volcano’s eruption.  You can use vibrant colours and you need to explain in one sentence, what is happening in each of the pictures.  Remember this is an ACTIVE VOLCANO as it is exploding right now!  You could give your volcano a name – something that sounds exciting or from a distant place.

For your reading – I have included  a legend of a volcano – they are all around the earth and these legends that I will give you to read each day will show you where on earth they have appeared over the centuries:

Myths and Legends of the Alaskan Eskimo