Rabbits – Home learning for 1st June

Good Morning Rabbits and I hope that you all had a lovely half term.

I have put together some tasks for you today which will link in with the rest of the work through the week.  I hope you find it interesting!

Warm Up and Spelling Words:  I have included this wordsearch – please can you solve the puzzle and then write out the words three times for handwriting and spelling practice.

Engish:  BBC Bitesize lesson for today on www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize

Maths: White Rose maths for today:

Year-3-Week-6 Maths Video

Year-2-Week-6 Maths Video



Grammar:  I have loaded a few activities onto Education City that will support you with some grammar learning this week – work through the tasks doing one each day.

Project:  I would like you to learn all about Volcanoes this week.  I have selected a few fun things to do that will get you used to the vocabulary such as the wordsearch at the start of today.  Here is a lovely little cartoon clip featuring two volcanoes – you may have seen this already:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uh4dTLJ9q9o

The next powerpoint shows you how the earth’s crust is made up of different types of rock and materials.  A Slice Through The Earth

Please can you make your own version of a slice of the Earth?  You could draw it – or perhaps make it from play-dough or some other materials.  See what you can find in your garden – you have probably got rocks there – imagine that they are actually tiny bits of the earth’s crust!

A Volcano erupts due to the pressure from the heat of the Earth.  Can you imagine how hot it needs to be to explode like that?  Have you ever seen popcorn exploding?  That is the same type of thing – the heat from the pan, heats the inside core of the corn grain and the steam bursts the corn apart.

There are many legends surrounding volcanoes and for your reading task to finish off the work for today, I have set this story for you. Volcano Reading Activity

Have a super day

Mrs Cooke