Rabbits – Home Learning for Wednesday 24th June

Good Morning Rabbits – Happy Wednesday!

I am sitting at my computer with a lovely cup of tea – what is your favourite drink to have while you work?  Why not let me know later today – are you allowed to drink while you think?  We have to be careful of drinks near computers but I have a big desk and keep the drink well away from the wires.

Now I am not going totally mad – I have a reason for asking about drinking – I saw a group of Cappucin Monkeys at a zoo in Borth – Mid Wales – and they had tea as their favourite day time drink!  I am going to get you to look at the odd types of food and drink that these wild animals have.

So for today you have English, Maths, Handwriting and Project:  Let’s start with handwriting:

Handwriting:  Please do some fine motor skills today to improve your pencil control.  Take a sharp pencil and draw around some items from home – a cup or knife, your own hand or perhaps a piece of jewelry – when you have made 3 patterns, take another pencil or a different colour and go over the shape freehand.  Keep doing this and try to keep the lines perfect.

Maths:  For today I have found some activities that look at shape for Year 3 and Measuring for Year 2 (but you can look at both sheets if you are feeling brave!)

Year 3:  1366

Year 2: 7110

English:  Please look at the film from the clip attached:

Year 2 : https://www.literacyshed.com/thewaybackhome.html

Please select one of the activities that you can do today.  You can then select another for tomorrow.

  • Write a recount of the adventure.
  • Write a holiday brochure page for their destination.
  • Write dialogue between the boy and the alien.

Year 3: https://www.literacyshed.com/catchit.html

Please select one of the activities that you can do today.  You can then select another for tomorrow.

  • Tell the story from a meerkat’s point of view.
  • Create an internal monologue for the vulture.
  • Describe the beautiful setting of the African plains.

Some help with the work:  A RECOUNT is a piece of writing that tells the things that you did – a little bit like a story – but you write it as “I went there, I did that”.  Not a diary entry – but like a short story.

An INTERNAL MONOLOGUE is a speech but it is really what the character is thinking (Internal means inside and monologue is something one person says)  So you can write this in a thought bubble.

a DIALOGUE is speech between two characters – you could set this out like a play – you write the character’s name in the margin and then the things that they say. You DO NOT use speech marks when you are writing a play.

Project:  As I mentioned, the moneys in Borth Zoo drank tea (I think I am very connected to these creatures through our mutual love of tea!)  here is a link to a film about the Capuchin monkeys and the things that they eat.

  1. Can you list all the foods and drinks that this cheeky monkey eats in the wild?
  2. How are they able to search for such a variety of food?

Civet Cats Get Tipsy

The Asian civet cat love to eat small rodents, birds, snails and scorpions. From time to time, they get the chance to enjoy their favorite drink: palm juice. And usually only when it’s started to ferment and has developed an alcohol content. If the civet cats drink a little too much palm juice, they get drunk – and fall out of their trees!

Can you imagine a cat falling from the tree?  I would love to see your drawings of this happening.  Can you draw me a cartoon of the cat getting tipsy and falling?

Finally I have a clip for you to look at – just to show you one of the most beautiful creatures on our planet (that’s not just according to me!)  You just need to watch this film.  I hope you enjoy it.