Rabbits Home Learning for Wednesday 22nd April

Good morning Rabbits and I hope you have taken time to look out of the window at the beautiful sunny day that we have today.

Some of you were having trouble with Education City yesterday and I cannot find out what is wrong – so for today I have set work on different sites to enable you all to keep busy.

English:  Please access BBC Bitesize.  Click on Year 2 or Year 3 and do the English lesson that is prepared for you.

Maths: I have had great feedback about the WhiteRose maths programme – please do today’s lesson from their website.  You still have work set on Mymaths if you wish to do more, or you have any problems with the WhiteRose.  Both sites are working on the same topics.

Spellings: Please remember to copy out your spellings each day.  I have listed them below just to remind you.  Maybe you could copy them out in different ways – use different colours and see how many times you can get the one word written into a shape on the page.  Have some fun with it – but check you are spelling the words correctly!

Year 2: enjoyment sadness careful playful plainness argument merriment happiness plentiful cheerful

Year 3: library February dictionary boundary salary summary primary secondary ordinary necessary

I always remember to spell necessary with this saying “never eat chocolate eat salmon sandwiches and remain young”

Project: More pages for your newspaper.  Yesterday, I asked you to draw a globe – a view of Earth.  Today, I want you to do some detective work and look at the temperatures that are around the world.  These will be shown in numbers and placed over the countries.  Please look at the temperature map below and see if you can compare the temperatures to the places on the map.  With your own globe, put a small triangle on each of the countries and write on the temperature that might be typical in that area.

Map showing global monthly land surface temperature from Envisat’s AATSR for July 2006. Source: University of Leicester.

You could also look at this website to help you.  https://www.timeanddate.com/weather/

Reading:  Reading Eggs and Eggspress have some tasks for you to do with comprehension and reading.  I have also included this link for you to use. https://www.booktrust.org.uk/books-and-reading/have-some-fun/  this page offers readings by Cressida Cowell – How To Train Your Dragon – and other reading activities.

Have a lovely day!

Mrs Cooke