Rabbits Home Learning for Wednesday 1st April

Happy April Fool’s Day and pinch, punch, first of the month to you all.

Reading and Comprehension:  Well Rabbits, for a bit of a change, I have set some lovely reading work on ReadingEggs but you need to click on to the ReadingEggspress – there you will find a picture of yourself – there will be a note from me to explain how to do the reading tasks.  There are also spellings for you to work through.  Remember to look for the two books that I have chosen for you to read.  They are quite funny, Pirates and Shark’s Fin Island.  If you click on ‘library’ they are there for you to open and read.

Maths: There are a few My Maths tasks set and you can work through these until the end of the week.  I have included fractions, shape and some general addition tasks to keep your little grey cells (brains) well oiled.

Cards:  I hope you were able to find some things to make an Easter Card.  I found this lovely instruction film of making paper rabbits for Easter – have a look and see if you can make them too.  Send me photos of your bunnies please!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7zL_EQkqrmg

Keep on sending your pictures of the lovely activities that you have been doing whilst at home.  It is lovely to see how much fun you are all having.

Mrs Cooke