Rabbits – Home Learning for Wednesday 15th July.

Good Morning Rabbits.

I hope you did well with your investigation into jewel stones yesterday.  Today we will be using the pictures that you have found to design some of your own jewels.  We will look at when and where jewels are worn and by whom.

To start:  A bit of grammar.  Please look at the sheet and see how well you can do with these tasks.  ruytonschool.org.uk/…/Grammar-Practice-Questions-yr-3.pdf

English:  Please continue with BBC Bitesize today.

Maths:  You have more work on Capacity or Time on the WhiteRose maths sheets below.

Reading:  I would like you to keep going with your Reading Eggs both in your spare time and through the holidays.  Today, I have a little bit of information for you about jewels.  https://kids.kiddle.co/Jewellery

Can you write some questions that you could ask someone – for them to find the answers in this text?

Project:  We are going to design some jewellery.  I have this first task that is to colour the Crown – then you can think about what jewels you have seen in the reading task and see if you can design something special for the following people:

A Queen from Nairobi (In Africa) who is getting married.

A famous musician who is making a Hip-Hop video.

A young princess who is about to turn 18.

A world-famous athlete who wants to design his own jewellery.

Please draw up your designs and add some colour.


Have a lovely Wednesday!

Mrs Cooke.