Rabbits – Home Learning for Tuesday 28th April

Good Morning Rabbits and I hope you are all well.

Handwriting: To begin with today – please practice your super handwriting by copying out this lovely poem by Mary Webb – more about her later!

In April

In April, in April
My heart is set
Where the pansy and the violet
And the daffodil,
And close-folded lilies grow
In borders dark with melted snow.
Wakening there from wintry sleep
With every bud I sunward creep.
The empurpled crocuses, that dare
With delicate veins the dawn-cold air,
Cradle me in their chalices
Amid the golden sediment.
Sunward – towards the sun
empurpled – means they are purple
Maths:  please look at today’s White Rose maths on www.whiterosemaths – home learning.  Make sure you click on the year group that you are in.
English:  Please follow the lesson on BBC Bitesize – home learning for your year group and the day today.
Reading:  I hope that Reading Eggs are co-operating with you this week – we had a few problems last week.  If you can access it, have a look at the books set for your year group.  Also, this is a lovely website – an international on line library where you can select your own reading material.  It is easy to navigate – if a little bit ‘busy’ on the pages.  This link will get you to the page of choices for your age group. http://www.childrenslibrary.org/icdl/SimpleSearchCategory?ilang=English
Project:  I would like you to write up a report on Mary Webb – the author of the two poems that we looked at today and yesterday.  I have attached some information about her life and her writing.  If you can read over these or even do your own research, then write up a report that includes:
  • Her name, age, date of birth and place of birth
  • Her books and poems – include the titles and maybe some brief information about the story
  • What happened to her in her life, getting married, getting published (which was hard for a woman at that time)
  • Any information you find on The Mary Webb Society.



Have a good day!

Mrs Cooke