Rabbits – Home learning for Thursday 7th May 2020

Good morning Rabbits.

Well today is the last learning day of the week as tomorrow is VE Day and a bank holiday.  I have found a few different activities to suggest for you today and they might just be something you can do over the weekend as they are fun too.

Cloudbusting: The Met Office have sent over some suggestions for watching the weather.  This one is for looking at clouds – I am sure you have noticed them before so how interesting to learn a little bit more about them.  The website is www.metoffice.gov.uk.  I have then clicked on links to weather and climate – DIY activities and cloud spotting (if the link below does not get you straight there.


English:  Please see the daily activity from BBC Bitesize for today.  Also there are some ‘rainy day’ grammar games still set for you on Education City.

Maths:  White Rose Hub offer a good activity today, please tune into that.  Please take the TT Rock Stars challenge too.  I have also attached this file of different maths problems and puzzles – I suggest you scroll through and see one that you like then work through the problem.  They are real brain-teasers!

Maths Puzzles and Problems

Reading:  Year 2:  Take a look at this story which is written for your age group by Carol Moore.  It is called “It could happen!”  http://www.magickeys.com/books/happen/index.html

The illustrations are rather beautiful but I wonder if you could all do a great drawing of your surroundings – the village or town where you are at the moment, the walks that you go on – and colour it all one colour – like in the story.  See if you could then re-colour it a different colour – what would it be like to have only one colour outside?

Year 3: I have chosen for you “The Master Artist”  also written by Carol Moore.  It is a short story but there are some words in green – if you click on these, you will be taken to another page of explanations and background information.  At the end, you can test your knowledge with a quiz.   http://www.magickeys.com/books/artist/index.html

Spelling Test:  I suppose you thought that I had forgotten?  So for a test – I have included a page of spellings – I need you to highlight or circle the correct spelling of each word.  There are 3 spellings for each – two are incorrect – see if you can spot them.  Good luck!

Have a lovely day tomorrow.

Mrs Cooke