Rabbits – home learning for Thursday 2nd July

Good morning Rabbits – thank you for sending me some of the lovely work you have been doing.  It is great to keep in touch with you while you are home.

I hope you enjoyed the science task and the healthy tasks – it is sometimes good to remind ourselves to take good care of our minds and bodies.

Handwriting – have a go at writing out the spelling words from this week please.  This time, make them into a spiral – start with the words in the middle of the page and turn your page around and around to make a spiral of different words.

English:  The Little Boat film is still our main inspiration for writing this week.  You have done some work on thought bubbles and what the boat might be thinking as it moves along the sea.  Today, I would like you to think about the way the boat is slowly broken then slowly re-built.  I would like a paragraph (or two) that describes what happens to the boat.  You will need time connectives such as “next, then, after that, before long, after a while”  and you will then need to write down all the damage that took place.  The boat’s sail was torn, the bomb broke the wood and left a hole in the side.  Then do the same thing with the sequence of events that re-built the boat.

Maths:  Please take a look at the pages from UR Brainy.  These rely on you using your logical maths thinking to fill in the numbers and maths operation to solve the maths sentences.  You will soon get into the swing of this.


PSHE:  we have thought about our bodies, our minds, our skin and today we are thinking about our eyes.

Consider what you do to protect your eyes?  Do you do anything?  If you wear glasses, you might be protecting them from straining when you read or watch T.V.

Have a look at this clip from youtube.

Your eyes are delicate – they need to be taken seriously!

I would like you to make a drawing of an eye (it can be your eye or someone else’s eye)  Here is another clip to help you to help with the drawing.

When you have drawn your eye, can you add a box of information on how you can care for your eyes – use the information in the film to help you.

Have a great day!

Mrs Cooke