Rabbits Home Learning for Thursday 2nd April

Good Morning Rabbits and I hope you are still enjoying yourselves.  I have had some photographs from you getting stuck into the fun and learning which is lovely to see.  For today, there are some more activities and the following things for you to do.

Maths:  Please log on to MyMaths for some shape revision and please have a go at the TTRockstars.  Miss Whit does a round up of the winning house each week.

English: Please can you work on the grammar and comprehension tasks set on Education City.  I also set some tasks on ReadingEggspress for today and tomorrow.  These will help with reading and also your writing.  The tasks should be set under my name now – not Mrs Hollis.  I have solved the glitch!

Writing: Please complete a diary entry for today.  I would like you to imagine that you are your pet, imagine what they are making of you staying home all of the time?  What would your pet be saying if they could write their own diary about how odd things are at the moment?  Please remember to include the date and write it as if it happened in the past.

Exercise: Keep up with Joe Wicks if you can.  I know some of you are able to get out for nice walks so that is important.

Reading: Reading Eggs have two good books for you to read.  Can you also take a look at the youtube link to listen to the Enid Blyton book “Castle Of Adventure” and try to get that finished by the end of the week.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Ye_PRvT7ik