Rabbits Home Learning for Thursday 23rd April

Good morning Rabbits.

Well today is a new day and a few new ideas for you to keep busy learning while you are home.

English:  I would like you to write a short story.  This is going to be a postcard story – a very short story that you write on the back of a post card.  Look at this clip and follow the advice of the author: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c1oogkYZDVs.  It might not be possible to post them at the moment but you could build up a great collection of small stories.  I have included some pictures that might be on your postcard.

aerial photography of brown castle

childrens book cover

I have included my own little short story for you to get you started:

swan story

Maths: My maths is working well and there are tasks set for you on there. I would like you to also do the daily lesson on White Rose.  I have listed fewer tasks on mymaths as you are keeping busy with the timetable task in the project work today.

Reading: This is a lovely story read by the author Eloise Williams, you can listen to chapter 1 today and answer some questions that are written after this.

  1. Why is Elen so angry at the start?
  2. Where is she going?
  3. Why did Elen hate what she saw in the mirror?
  4. Do you think the start of the story is a bit surprising?
  5. What words did the author write that sounded like the train?

Reading Eggspress and Reading Eggs have tasks set for you.  Please make sure you use the Rabbits Group page to find the tasks.

Project: Your newspaper should be taking shape now.  Today, you are going to use your maths brains to write a timetable for what you do when you are at home and learning  or working from home.  The timetable needs to have 8 columns – leave the first one blank and then Monday Tuesday Wednesday etc to Sunday on the top of each column.

Then add times – you can do this in hours or half hours but begin when you get up – for example 07:15 – breakfast and brush teeth, 07:45, do some exercise.  You can add whatever you do on to the timetable and then publish this in your paper as an idea for others to follow while they are at home.  Make time to eat, play, learn, spend time with family and do jobs.

Please let me see the lovely work that you have all been doing!

Mrs Cooke