Rabbits – Home learning for Monday 13th July

Good Morning Rabbits

Gosh – the last week of term!  Good job the sun came out this weekend – it was feeling like Autumn already!

This morning I would like you to do a quick brain teaser to get you awake.  You have to say the colour that you see – not the word that is written!

colour quiz

This next challenge is maths-based – you need to think of what number sentence you could write that would have each of the answers.

What’s the question

English:  I would like you to follow the BBC Bitesize English for this week.  Each day you have new lessons for your yeargroup.  www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize.

Maths:  We will finish the year with the whiterose maths.  Please click on the links below to complete the maths tasks.  Year 2 are reviewing TIME and year 3 are looking at CAPACITY today.

Year 2 Lesson-1-Telling-time-to-5-minutes

Year 3 Lesson-1-Compare-capacity



Reading:  The following book is called The Bitaba Bird.  If you can access this link and read it yourself or use the audio button to hear it being read to you.


The last page is a piece of information on GEODES.  Please also read this.


Project:  Today we will look at GEODES – you will be able to look at the pictures and read some key facts about these stones.


I have enlarged one of the pictures for you – could you create your own?  You need to make a shape first, then add colours in different layers.  See how many version you can make.


Tomorrow we will begin to learn a little bit more about these strange and magical stones.

Have a lovely day!

Mrs Cooke