Rabbits – home learning for 8th June

Good Morning Rabbits

This week I have found some interesting activities for you on different websites and hope that you enjoy doing the tasks.

Spellings:  as usual, I would like you to look at the spelling page and write out the new words for this week.  Remember to use this time to practice your lovely handwriting too.

Maths:  You can access the white rose maths but if you prefer, there are daily maths tasks on MyMaths for you.  Just do one of them each day.

Year 2 lesson 1 answers

Year 2 Lesson 1 maths

Year 2 Week 7 maths video

year 3 lesson 1 anwers

Year 3 lesson 1 maths

Year-3-Week-6 Maths Video

English:  You can either do the BBC Bitesize today, or you can do this task that I have linked below:  Story Generator year 2 and Year 3

Grammar:  Please look at the link to your year group for the grammar tasks today.

Grammar Task  Year 2

Punctuation Tasks Year 3

Project:  This week it will be Games and Sports.  I know some of you will have seen that the sporting events around our country have been cancelled but that they are gradually going to be starting up again.  I am pleased about this – my husband is a big fan of Liverpool Football Club and wants them to win the championship by playing out the last few games, my mum is a huge Wimbledon tennis fan and will miss seeing her favourite players this summer, I will miss the cricket – I love watching the test matches.  So this week we will be doing activities all about sport and games that you enjoy.

Can you find pictures of all the bats, rackets, clubs or nets that you use in various games.  I have included a montage here below.  I would like you to begin the project with some drawing to create a front page for your booklet with drawings of as many different bats etc that you can find.

sport bats

Next:  using the knowledge that you all have of fractions, I would like you to create your own sports pitch.  It could be grass or tarmac, it needs to be a rectangle.  Within the shape you need to make two halves and within the halves you need to make two quarters.  You can then make any other fractions of the main pitch and explain what these are for – they might be areas where you score extra points, or where certain players cannot enter.  See what you can do with fractions on a sports pitch.

Have a great day

Mrs Cooke