Rabbits – home learning for 6th May 2020

Good morning Rabbits.  I hope you are all well.

Wake Up Warm Up:  For today, I have a good brain-teaser to start with.  It is called Boggle and you have three grids – each with 9 letters – and you have to make as many words as you can using just those letters.  See how you get on.  Boggle Words

Spelling and Handwriting:  Please check the list on the Spelling page and copy out your spelling words – please copy each word three times but use different colours to make it look more interesting.

English: the lesson is on BBC Bitesize and you can also look at one of the grammar or spelling activities on Education City.

Maths: the lesson is on WhiteRose maths – and you can also look at TT Rockstars to keep on with the times tables.

Reading: V E Day:  This Friday marks the 75th anniversary of V E Day –  I have a reading task for you to learn a little more about this important event.  V E Day Reading  You can do either of the three – they are either 1*  2** or 3*** for difficulty.

Project:  During the war and the post-war celebrations, many people put up bunting to celebrate different events.  Bunting is a strip of triangular pieces of paper or material, hung from one side of the street to the other.  I would like you to design your own bunting, you could use the Union Jack Flag, or the English Flag.  You could also design something that is mentioned in the reading task as your inspiration.

What You Will Need:  (paper bunting) some paper that you can cut into triangles.  Pens and pencils to decorate.  Some string or wool or tape if you have some. The clip below shows you how to do this really easily.

If you are using material, you can do the same technique but you might need to make the holes with the help of an adult.

I hope you have fun with this today.

Mrs Cooke