Rabbits – Home learning for 3rd June

Good morning Rabbits

It has been a great start to the week and I hope you are all back into the swing of things at home; mixing a bit of work with a lot of fun!

Handwriting – Please can you write out the spelling words for this week but I would like you to do this in a volcano shape.  I suggest that you draw the outline of the volcano on a piece of paper and then add the words to fill the shape of the volcano.

Reading:  I have two different reading tasks for you today – year 2 and year 3 but the year 3 task is quite advanced.  Good luck!

Year 2 Comprehension June 3rd

Year 3 (advanced) comprehension June 3rd

English:  please follow the BBC Bitesize for today.

Maths:  please work on the correct year group activity today:

Y3 Lesson 3 – Fractions of a set of objects (1) 2019

Y3 Lesson 3 Answers – Fractions of a set of objects (1) 2019


Project:  Today, I have set a more time-consuming challenge which should take you two days.  I hope that you have enjoyed learning a little about volcanoes.  You will have learned about the various vocabulary that is used, and also made a diagram about the Earth’s insides.  Today, I would like you to get crafty again.  Your challenge is to make an animation of a volcanic explosion.  You can use either drawings, models or pictures but you have to find a way to sequence the images so that they look like an explosion happening.

Drawing Animation:  we once made a zeotrope in class – a sequence of drawings that were slightly different each time but when you looked at them quickly, they appeared to be moving.  Here is a short clip that shows you how to create an animation using sketches.  I don’t think you need to see the whole thing – you will remember about drawing each picture slightly different –

Picture animation:  you can use pictures in a sequence, if you are able to find a series of still photos of a volcano eruption, you can sequence them and do the same action of flipping the pages to show the movement.

Model animation:  This is a bit more time consuming and tricky – but I think it is also a lot more fun and a wonderful challenge.  If you can model a volcano from clay, playdough or other modelling material, you can make the animation using a phone camera.  You need to take each picture then move the model a small amount. You can use different coloured clay or play dough for the lava flow and make it drip down the side of the volcano slowly.  See what wonders you can create!

I hope you have a wonderful day!

Mrs Cooke