Rabbits – Home Learning for 23th June

Good Morning Rabbits

It has been rather nice to have so many back in school last week and it was particularly nice to look at the work we are all doing and to know that wherever you are, in school or at home, you are doing the same thing.

This week in English we are going to look at writing a narrative.  It is a bit more of a challenge as there is much more actual writing to do and I think we all feel quite tired after a while.  So we will break it down into handy bitesize pieces.  Today is Planning:

We will watch the film clip from The Literacy Shed.  This is a story of a little boat.


Task 1:  – write a list of the things that you remember from the film – do this quickly – don’t think too much.

Task 2:  – look at the list and try to put some thoughts into an order.  Draw three columns on a page (or 3 big boxes)  Box 1 is Beginning  Box 2 Middle  Box 3 End.

Sort the things that you remember from the film into the correct box – whether it was at the start, the middle or the end.

Task 3:  – watch the clip again and add to your planning box.

Keep this safe for tomorrow.

Maths:  Gosh some of this maths work is getting hard!  For today please can you access the BBC Bitesize Maths lesson.  We will be watching on line with you.

Spelling:  here are some spelling words for you to learn.  Please can you write these out 3 times each in your best handwriting.  Thank you.  They all contain a silent letter – can you spot which letter is not sounded out in each word?


PSHE Project:

Part of our PSHE curriculum is about health.  It is so important at the moment as we are all trying our best to keep healthy and avoid any illnesses – particularly nasty viruses.

I would like you to think today about the ways in which you keep your skin healthy.

Consider this…

  1.  What you do in the hot, sunny weather. 2.   What you do in the cold, freezing weather. 3.  What you do to keep your skin clean. 4.  What your body does to keep your skin healthy.

Can you answer these questions?  I am sure you remember the things to do in summer – did you say sun lotion, hat, clothing to cover you?  What about cold?  Clothing, lip moisturiser?

Your body is amazing and it uses sweat to help clean you, and oils on your skin to protect from too much dirt getting on you.

So when we wash we use soap – have a look at this next link and see if you can set up your own experiment on “WHY DOES SOAP WORK?”

why soap works

Have fun!

Mrs Cooke.