Rabbits Home Learning for 22nd June

Good Morning Rabbits

Welcome to another week of learning.  I hope you are all well and happy.

I was very excited to find a bag of model toy animals last week – I like to collect odd stuff that I can use for work.  It got me thinking about this week’s project.  In my bag of animals I had some very weird and wonderful creatures and I know we have done a project on animals before – but this one will be all about bizarre creatures that exist in our world.  I think it will be fun!

To begin with….

Spelling and Handwriting:  please do some practice on your handwriting – I have some words for you to learn for spelling this week so use this as your handwriting for today.  The link below is a spelling and vocabulary game – you can do a new task each day this week.

Panda Polar Bear Gorilla Lion Elephant Anteater Cheetah Squirrel Tiger Fox


English:  Please view the Oak Academy English lesson for this morning.  You will find this on this link: https://classroom.thenational.academy/year-groups/

I have some additional English activities that link to our topic, you can access them through these:

link:  https://www.funenglishgames.com/worksheets/wordsearches/animal.html


Maths:  Please use the sheets linked here to continue working on measurement and shape.

Project:  Wild animals can be strange.  Have a look at this clip which shows and ocarpi:



This short film gives you LOTS of information about this animal.  I would like you to do the following:

You are an explorer.  You can give yourself a name if you like.  You are travelling around the the word and you come across this animal (Ocapi) for the very first time.  Your task is to create a travel diary this week. You will write it as if you are discovering new creatures in the wild and they have never been seen by anyone in England before.  You need to make a very careful record of each creature that you will come across.

Your diary must include lots of details about how the animal looks – you can use the descriptions given in the film.

Your diary must include where you found the creature (also in the film)

You need to make a sketch of the creature and explain what animal it is most like.

You will then need to do the same for the next animal – please watch this film and repeat the diary activity.


Keep the diary entry safe as you will need to add to this tomorrow.


Have a lovely day!