Rabbits – Home Learning for 20th May

Good Morning Rabbits and I hope you are going to have some fun with this learning today.  I have loved seeing the work that you have done already on your maths and making some lovely restaurants and eateries.  Well done.

Spelling:  Can you check in the spelling page and copy out your spellings as usual – these are all words relating to food and cookery.

Reading: I have found a short story for you to read today – can you also go onto your own Reading Eggs to keep up with your reading tasks and as it is such a lovely day – why not take out some reading at lunch time – a book, comic, cook book etc and enjoy the weather.

English:  BBC Bitesize is offering today’s lesson please log on

Maths:  I have copied out the maths tasks for today from Whiterose:

Year 2 Maths lesson 3 answers

Year 2 Maths lesson 3

Year 3 lesson 3 answers

Year 3 Lesson 3 maths

Project:  continuing with food (one of my favourite topics!)  Here is a nice activity to make for the butterflies – it is a bar for butterflies – have a look at the instructions and see if you can find suitable equipment to make the bar.  Make a Butterfly Bar  alternatively, there is another one to make for birds.  apple_bird_feeder_tcm9-405020 if you do not have the necessary equipment.

Please take a few minutes to watch this youtube clip about the history of CHEESE.  (some of it can be a bit odd – but it is a fun cartoon)

Cheese has been made for many thousands of years – and this shows how it began almost by accident.  So for today’s topic activity I would like you to create a cheesy character – it might be a Strong Cheddar – who is a super-hero and saves onions from being eaten – or a Soft Brie that is hopeless at doing anything as it is runny all the time.  Create your cheese character – give them a name – and then I would like a short story about this cheesy being.   Imagine the adventure or journey a cheese might have?  You can set your story in a kitchen to begin with – but it could go beyond that.  Please have some fun and use that wild imagination of yours!