Rabbits Home Learning for 18th May

Good Morning Rabbits.  I hope you all had a lovely weekend.  I spent time in my garden doing some reading and I was lucky enough to get out and about on some very nice walks in the sunshine.  I hope you all had some fun too.

I have a new project idea for you this week – more about that later.

English:  The www.bbc.bitesize/homelearning is the place to be for their excellent lessons.  Please log in today.

Maths:  I have put up the White Rose maths for each year group below.  I have also included the answers – but don’t cheat! Each year group has a page showing video links to explain the tasks.  These are for the whole week of lessons.

Year 2 Lesson 1 Answers

Year 2 Lesson-1-Multiplication-sentences-using-the-x-symbol-2019

Year 2 Maths Video Links

Year 3 Lesson-1-Answers-Unit-and-non-unit-fractions-2019

Year 3 Lesson-1-Unit-and-non-unit-fractions-2019

Year-3 Video Links

Project:  This week’s project is going to be about food.  We will be looking at where you eat, what you eat, what you can cook, how we present and package food and how restaurants work.

Food Glorious Food:  this is a famous song from the musical Oliver but it is used in this lovely clip from Ice Age 2 – have a little look at the video and listen carefully to the words.

Your first task is to think about alliteration – which is using the same sound at the start of different words.  Blue Bucket,  Frilly Fairy – etc. I would like you to think about the foods I have listed below and add a word that describes it – but uses the same starting letter (or sound – for example c and k make the same sound)

cheese  apples  bananas  grapes  milk  pomegranate  cabbage  sausages  burgers  spaghetti  broccoli  yoghurt

See how you get on!

Reading:  The attached files have 3 levels of reading – * ** and *** for you to select.  They are all about Fairtrade – Reading Activities Y 2 and 3

Project:  I would like you to plan a design for your own place to eat – you might like to brainstorm all the places that you currently eat – at home, in the garden (picnics and bar-b-q’s) or maybe you get take-away food.  We also eat in odd places such as on boats, in caravans, in our school hall.  If you can remember when we were all able to go to restaurants and cafes, you could think about designing your own wonderful eating place.  You need to sort the following categories:

  • Type of food you will sell
  • Type of people (or animals) that will eat at your eatery
  • Type of seating they will need – be adventurous!
  • Type of plates, cutlery or other things from which they can eat
  • What you will call your eatery.

You could use a whole piece of paper for your brainstorming, you could add cut out pictures of things that inspire you – or you can draw your ideas – gather as much information as you can to continue this later in the week.

You can design this however you wish – but remember that during the week we will be building on this and will be looking at making menus, designing a logo and packaging and making unique dishes.

I have added a few pictures from pintrest that might help with your inspiration if you need it.