Rabbits – Home learning for 13th May

Good Morning Rabbits.  How are you all today?  I hope you are all up and ready for some work this morning!

Spellings:  Please go over your spelling words again today.  You should have some sentences written out, today you should work on writing out the words without looking – and checking to see if you got them right.  I will put a test for you on Thursday.

Handwriting: Please copy out this short piece of writing – it can then be put in your project for this week as it is about flying.

There is no doubt that flying had a huge effect on Roald Dahl’s life in many ways. Firstly, he discovered a new passion, which in a letter sent to his mother during his flying training in 1939 he described as “marvellous fun”. Not only did flying seemingly set Roald Dahl’s imagination in motion, but it also worked its way into his stories.

English:  Please check in with the BBC Bitesize for English today.

Maths:  Here are the tasks for year 2 and year 3 from WhiteRose Maths.

Year 3:  Lesson 3 Divide 2-digits by 1-digit (2) 2019

y2 lesson 3

Project:  I would like you to write a poem about the theme “Up Up and Away!”  – the poem might be about flying in a balloon, or an airship, a space ship or a rocket.  It could also be written as an animal or insect that flies.  For the poem to work, you need to decide on how many words in each line – remember we did this in class when we looked at pictures of Italy and men drinking coffee in a cafe?  Decide on using 3 words per line (or 4) and write down all your ideas first.  Then select the two main points of each line – here is my idea for you to use as a starting point:

Up, up and away!

Through the clouds

Into the sun

Spreading my wings

I look down

And see home!

I dive down

And land safely.

See what other poems you can create and perhaps you can illustrate the poem.  I have also found a few ideas for a shape poem about flying: