Rabbits – home learning for 11th June

Good morning Rabbits.

Well it’s Thursday, and you would be doing music if we were in school, Mrs Hindson has given me some work for you to be doing today.

‘Hey Little Frog’  Year 2

Learn this song from Sing Up about the lifecycle of frogs. Can you make up some actions to go with the words? Download more activities to make a mask or poster.


‘The Geography Song’ Year 3

Learn this song from Sing Up about the continents and the oceans. Can you clap in time with the chorus? Can you remember all the continents and oceans? Ask an adult to test you!


Now that you are all in good voice – time to tell your parents and loved ones that you are very grateful to them for all that they do for you!  (maybe you could sing it?)

On with English:  BBC bitesize if you are following that this week.  If you are writing your story, you can continue with that.  Remember to plan out the plot – what will happen at the start, and now what will happen in the middle of the story?  This is where the action takes place – use those action verbs and adverbs to make it sound exciting.

Maths:  here are today’s tasks.

Year 2 lesson 4 answers Year 2 lesson 4 maths Year 3 lesson 4 answers Year 3 lesson 4 maths

Project:  today, you are going to do some investigations for me.  I want to know the answers to the following questions:

  • What is the oldest sport on record?
  • Where is the most extreme sport played?
  • What is the most difficult sport?

Use these references to get your answers…



What did you find?  Did you find any different extreme sports?  One webiste had “volcano surfing”!  That is a bit too extreme for me!

Now then – for some fun (and beware – this might annoy an adult so be SENSIBLE),  I would like you to design a high-dive competition for some of your action figures or toys.  You will need:

  • A sink or bath – you could use an outside tap and a bucket
  • A selection of waterproof action figures
  • A platform that can hold the figure high above your bath or sink or bucket
  • COLD Water in the bath or sink (or bucket)
  • A towel (that you are allowed to use)

You have to design three types of dives or bungee jumps for your figures.  They can dive backwards, forwards, spinning etc.  They must hit the water and not fall out (!)

If they are bungee jumping you will need to attach elastic from the platform.

Decide on the points that you can award each attempt and see which action figure is best at diving.  You should let your brothers and sisters play this with you when they have finished their work!

Have fun – stay dry!

Mrs Cooke.