Rabbits Home Learning Activities for Friday 27th March

Good morning Rabbits and Happy Friday to you all.  I hope you are all keeping well and keeping busy.  From the lovely photographs you have sent in, it looks like you are having a lot of fun at home and enjoying yourselves.

I have put some more activities on MyMaths and Education City for you.  I have tried to vary the activities and games to make it more fun.


Education City plus fill in your diary please.  It might also be nice to get a piece of paper and a pencil (or pen) and write a letter to the person who has been learning with you this week, either your parent or other adult.  Write a little note to thank them for all the things that they have helped you to do this week.  Remember the date at the top and your address!


The MyMaths tasks are a little bit easy today, but it is also good for you to remember how to do simple tasks.  Try to keep up your scores.  Also, can you remember how we talked about all the maths that we do every day without realising?  Think about telling the time, seeing how long something lasts, how long until your favourite TV show starts or what time you go to bed and get up – how many hours sleep do you get?  Try some ‘real maths’ at home today.  How many shapes can you see in your kitchen?


Joe Wicks is proving to be really popular so keep on with that!


I hope you are able to snuggle up with a good book – I have read almost half of my book so far!  Go and look at Reading Eggs and Eggspress for the choice of books that I have found – they are myths and mysteries and all rather good.


Please do your best writing when you are filling in your diary or writing that letter.  If you have coloured pens you could decorate your writing, making big capital letters and colouring them in using patterns.  Have some fun.

Most Important is have a lot of fun doing your activities.  Enjoy the weather and be nice to one another!  Take care and have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Cooke