Rabbits home activities for Thursday 26th March

Good Morning Rabbits – how lovely to see some photographs of the things that you have been doing.  I really loved the shields and castles.  How creative you are!  I am also so impressed with your my maths.  Goodness me, some of you are getting 100% each time.  I have set you some more fun things today but if that sun is still shining, make sure you get outside too!


Some MyMaths tasks are set.  Also, we would be doing fractions next week – I have set tasks but it might be more fun to do some ‘sharing’ to find fractions of amounts.  I am sure you can find things at home – lego bricks, raisins, marbles etc and share between different numbers of your teddy bears or toys.  Keep track of how many toys get how many items.  Baking is also great for working out fractions – dividing your mixture between 8 people for example will give you 1/8 of the amount.


I hope you are all writing up your diary.  I am sure you have some lovely things to write about each day.  Don’t forget I love pictures too.  Education City has tasks set for your and it is always good to listen to stories.  Have a look at the podcast by David Walliams each day.


You have some spellings on your list.  Keep on with these and then I will set some more words for next week.  I thought you might like some Easter themed words and some Spring time words.  Have a look for those on Monday.


I see you have been busy making lovely castles and items from the theme on Shrewsbury Castle.  Don’t forget you could build a castle den and show me the results.


Please, please, please keep on with your reading.  I was out in my garden today reading a book that I have wanted to read for ages.  Get out in that sunshine or lounge about on the sofa with a great book.  You could read it to a teddy bear if your adults are busy.  Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress have some books and activities.  There are class books set for you all to read and discuss later.


I hope you were able to do the Joe Wicks exercise – I was pretty tired out after that this morning.  I did a lot of gardening afterwards which is also fabulous exercise.  See if your adults have something that you can do to help get the garden ready for spring.  Maybe next week you can sort out places for Easter Egg trails?

Have a lovely day.  Let me know how you are all getting on.  Take care of yourselves and your families.

Mrs Cooke