Rabbits Class – Activities and Work for Wednesday 25th March

Good Morning Rabbits – well wasn’t the weather beautiful yesterday?  We should all be getting out into that sunshine if we can.  Even my cat decided to go on a small walk around the garden yesterday!

I have put some more activities for you on Education City and MyMaths.  You are doing so well with these, congratulations!

Grammar and Writing

Education City has some more tasks and activities.  If you want to continue writing up your ‘work at home diary’ that would be good.  I would like to hear about the things you are doing while we are away from class.  Remember to include pictures or drawings if you can.


My Maths tasks are set for the next day.  I am working you though your addition and subtraction to begin with – we will then be ready for fractions just before the Easter holidays begin.


Now is the perfect time to get outside with a good book and get yourselves lost in the story.  I have put up some books on Reading Eggs but you could all find yourselves something at home too.  Get someone to photograph you reading somewhere ‘odd’ over the next few days.  I will do the same and share the photos with you when I can.


We are all going to try to do the Joe Wicks work-out each morning to get us all ready and raring to go.  You can find this on YouTube – we are doing this at 9.00 am for half an hour.


Keep working through the list of spellings that you have been given.  Use this to improve handwriting at the same time.

Stay safe everyone!

Missing you all,  Mrs Cooke