Rabbit Class Homework 10.11.22

Rabbits Homework –  10.11.22

Year 1

In English this week we have been learning how to change a word from singular to plural. I want you to look at the pictures, write the word in the singular and then the plural form. Remember if a word ends with sh, ch, ss, s, x or z then you add –es.

Year 1 Plurals

Year 2

In English this week we have been learning about adverbs. I have got some boring sentences and I would like you to make them more interesting by adding an adverb. You can choose one from the word bank or one of your own. Remember an adverb describes the verb (the doing word).

Year 2 Adverbs – Boring Sentences


Try and write the spelling at least three times on the line. Year 2s try and practise your joined writing just like we have been practising in school.

Y1 Spellings 10.11.22

Y2 Spellings 10.11.22

Homework is due in next Wednesday (16.11.22) and we will also do a spelling test too.