Hedgehogs Home Learning – Tuesday 8th December

Good Morning Hedgehogs at home!

Here is your home learning for today…


This link will take you to the phonics lesson.


Your lesson will be uploaded at 10am. If you feel like you need a bit of extra practice there is another lesson at 11:00am that focuses on blending sounds. After they have been uploaded the videos are available to view at any time throughout the day.

If you’re struggling to concentrate for the full video, try doing it in sections and have a break between each bit.


Have a go at labelling everything you can see in this Christmas picture.

Christmas labelling


Have a go at playing this more or less game. You’ll need a dice and some cubes (or you could use lego/counters/beads).

More or Less Game



I hope you have a lovely day, any problems let me know 🙂

Miss Horton.