Action on Fractions!

Rabbits were getting to grips with fractions this week and completing some excellent mathematics.  Year 2 began by working out quarters, thirds and halves of amounts while Year 3 were busy working out picture diagrams of fractions.  The class were very proud of their efforts.

In other news, the class are very excited about their trip to Park Hall Victorian School on Monday afternoon.  They have been looking at how Victorian people dressed and the types of jobs they did.  The class drew more images for our Victorian display.

We were thinking about Anti-Bullying week and discussed several ways in which we could stop bullying between people.  We looked at our differences and similarities and wrote slogans for powerful posters.

Our Quest Stories are coming along nicely.  The children are now re-writing a version of a Quest story all about animals in the jungle.  This will continue next week.

Year 2 working on finding fractions of amounts

Year 2 working on finding fractions of amounts