Weekly awards…

Congratulations to the following children who have been noted by school staff for showing our School Values recently:

Harvey (Hedgehogs) “for holding brambles out of the way of his friends” plus “being trustworthy and carrying out a job”

Noah (Hedgehogs) “for waiting for a friend on his way back from Forest School”

Ameila & Isabelle (Hedgehogs) “for showing respect and tidying the classroom independently”

Lucy (Hedgehogs) “for showing perseverance in learning new skills”

Skylar (Hedgehogs) “for being trustworthy”

Seren (Hedgehogs) “for comforting others”

Jessie (Owls) “for a wonderful attitude to learning”

Lowri (Rabbits) “for showing kindness and always being willing to help others”

Izzy (Owls) “for good manners walking through the corridors”

Ffion (Owls) “for hard work and a positive attitude to learning”

Charlie L (Dragonflies) “very mannerly when walking back from field”

Anouk (Dragonflies) “for showing super perseverance and working hard”

Alex (Dragonflies) “for showing super friendship towards our new Reception pupils”

Well done everyone, we’re very proud of you all.