Rabbits Home Learning for Tuesday 7th July

Good Morning Rabbits

Warm Up Task:  here are some questions for you to think about.  You could write the answers down or just remember them in your head.

  • What is your favourite colour?
  • What is your favourite place?
  • What is your favourite toy?
  • What is your favourite snack?

Can you think of any other questions you might ask someone if you wanted to get to know them?

Maths: Today, there are some maths problems that I would like you to solve.

Maths Tuesday 7th

English:  Yesterday I asked you to write up a persuasive speech that was all about the damage that pollution does to the oceans.  Today, I would like you to think abut how to persuade people to stop using so much plastic waste.

Short Phrases – these are little collections of words that can be instructions or actions.  You can use these as slogans –  Think about the adverts that you see on T.V.

Tescos “Every Little Helps”

MacDonald’s “I’m Lovin’ It”

there are many, many more that you probably know.

I want you to write a short slogan that persuades people to think about how much plastic they are using when they buy things, or go shopping.

You should ideally use about 3 words in your phrase.  These are the most catchy.


Can you make some of your own now?

When you hare happy with your slogans (you need to have about 4)  I would like you to create posters of these.  Use large letters and some images that would persuade people about the danger of plastic in the sea.

Project: Find out what you can about recycling in your area.  Can you make a list of the things that your neighbourhood does to help recycle your household waste?

You might have the following:

  • green bins
  • black bins
  • bottle bins
  • can bins
  • paper bank

What other things can you list that you have in your home?  Do you recycle?

Please watch this clip about the plastic recycling.

I would like you to draw a cycle – the journey that the bottle takes to re-cycle it.  You could use a diagram like this.


I hope you have a good day – and that you have something to think about!

Mrs Cooke