Rabbits Home Learning for Monday 5th July

Good Morning Rabbits

I hope you had a good weekend.

I have been thinking about this week’s learning – it is almost the end of term and we need to do some fun things before we break off for our summer holidays.

Spellings:  Our words for this week are as follows:  You know what to do!  Write them out, three times, pick the best version and repeat that version.  Check you have used the correct spelling for each word please!

  • feel
  • felt
  • kneel
  • knelt
  • knife
  • knives
  • half
  • halves
  • calf
  • calves

English:  This week we will concentrate on Persuasive Writing. This is where you write either a speech, an article or a brochure that persuades people to do what you say, to visit where you are advertising or to think about something from your point of view.

Today you are going to plan a speech.  Please have a look at this short film about plastic pollution.  You might like to make notes.

Please make a list of at least 5 things that are important about the Plastic Pollution Problem.

Now you are going to decide which is the MOST IMPORTANT POINT

Begin your speech with something that you might say to a group of people – “Hello!”  “Good morning”  “Thankyou for coming to hear me speak today”

Then you state what the five main points are going to be.  Write down what you are going to tell them about.

Then pick your MOST IMPORTANT POINT.  You need to write words that tell the truth, but also persuade the audience to do something – you must use some powerful words such as these:




Now that you have begun your speech you can continue with each point.

The end of the speech needs to sum up all that you have said – You can do this by saying the following:

“I hope that I have shown you how important it is to stop polluting the planet.  We all have to work together to ………..”

Maths:  I want to continue with the idea of climate change so maths today is related to real life.

Plastic Waste Maths