Owl Home learning – 5.6.20 🦉

Hello Owls!  🦉

How are you all this rainy morning? I must say my garden is very grateful though. Our vegetable patch is beginning to spring to life … In no time we will be enjoying delicious peppers, tomatoes and salad leaves … fingers crossed!

So here are today’s tasks – hopefully to keep you all busy :

1) Spellings – Continue to practise this week’s spellings and have a go at the attached spellings puzzles.

Year 6 week 6 Which Word Where Activity Sheet

Year 5 week 6 Text Message Spelling Activity Sheet

2) Reading – spend at least 20 minutes working through the tasks on Reading Eggs or reading for pleasure.

3) English – BBC Bitesize.  Today’s lessons are:

Year 5 and 6 – Planning and writing your story

Remember that this week’s activities have all been working towards writing this story so reflect on previous learning and use your new skills today.

4) Maths – You know what today is…? It’s family quiz day today… yeah!! Here is today’s quiz … play fair … I’ve heard some Mum’s and Dad’s are becoming rather competitive 😊

5) ttrockstars or NumberGym if you would like more mental maths practise.

6) Continue any activities started this week from the activity menu (posted on Monday).

Finally please remember Y6 to forward your friendship forms to Nikki in the office if you haven’t already done so. They MUST be in by today!

Have a wonderful day everyone and a wonderful weekend! Take care.

Mrs Henney X x