Owl Class Learning – Friday 10th July

Good Morning Owls!

I hope you are all well? We enjoyed our virtual visit from Rev. Burns yesterday; Thank you Rev Burns!

Whilst you’re warming up for learning here’s today’s general knowledge question : On this day 1938 Howard Hughes embarked on what aviation themed record busting challenge?  See Bottom of page for answers.

1) Spellings – practise this weeks spellings using the word searches below.

Year 5 Word Search Black and White

Year 6 Word Search Black and White

2)Make sure you find time to read today.

3)English -Today, choose whether to complete BBC Bitesize or the Oak National Academy outlined below.

Year 5 an work through the Bite size activity or through the English lesson for Friday  of week 10 (Week beginning Monday 29th June). In this lesson, we are to going to focus on   ‘Using key features in my own writing’ in the context of a newspaper report.

Year 6 can work through the Bite size activity or through the activity for Wednesday of week 10 (Week beginning Monday 29th June) called ‘Writing a poem’.

4)Maths  Challenge Day! ‘

 Year 6 

Year 5 

Alternatively, Year 6 – continue your Corbet School transition task again today.  Think about where you will take your investigation.  At the end of your investigation, write a short conclusion about what you have found.

Sweets in a Box Lesson Outline

Sweets in a Box Powerpoint Year 6

Remember to complete your work on paper and take it to The Corbet when you start there.

5)ttrockstars or Numbergym

7. Music


Learn about pulse, rhythm and the character of music with Florence Price and the Juba Dance.

Finally, don’t forget to send across your Leavers speeches for Mrs Hollis and I to have a read through and if you haven’t already complete your Maths transition project, ready to take up with you to the Corbet in September. Sweets in a Box Lesson Outline

Have a fabulous day,

Mrs Henney x

Answer: On this date 1932  Howard Hughes flies around the world in 91 hours.