Owl Class Learning – 19.6.20

Happy Friday Owls!

I hope you all enjoyed the Duchess of Cambridge’s online assembly for the Oak National Academy yesterday? After the assembly we continued to discuss the theme ‘spread a little kindness’ in class. It was wonderful to talk about the different forms which kindness can take and how these make us feel so much better!

As yesterday, some of you will be completing these at home whilst others will be completing here at school. Remember, whether your are at home or school; we are here to help and always love seeing your fantastic contributions.

Spellings – try testing yourself on you spellings. Remember to make any corrections. Well done if you score 10 out of 10.

Reading – Continue with your Reading Eggs practice – 20 Minutes

English – BBC Bitesize or continue lessons from the Oak National Academy

The link to each year group is as follows:

Year 5 – Year 5, work through the English lesson for Friday of week 7 (Week beginning Monday 8th June) which has a focus on Writing Instructions  with a focus on modal verbs today. This is a stand alone lesson just in case it catches you out!

Year 6 – Year 6 work through the English lesson for Friday of week 7 (Week beginning Monday 8th June) focusing on Writing a story.

Maths –  It’s Family Maths Challenge Day. Follow the link for the challenge and this for the answers.

Rember you can also chart your success and print off certificates here.

If you have time you could also log into your ttrockstar account or Numbergym

ICT – So how do you know if you can really trust a web site?

In this lesson you will Learn the basics of how to know what information you can trust online.

PHSE/ RE – Today I would like you to consider ‘Acts of Kindness’ as the theme.  Think of a time someone was kind to you. What happened? What did they do? What do they think? How did they feel? Draw or write about it and share examples with me if you can! Next I would like you to draw an outline of your hand on a piece of paper. On each finger you can write or draw an idea of how to be kind to other people.Make them as bright and inspirational as possible.

And Year 6 – Don’t forget to join our Zoom chat with The Corbet at 11.30am tomorrow morning!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Mrs Henney x