Owl Class Homework 1.7.21

Year 6 Time-Capsule

Year 6:

This week in school, we have started work on the time capsule transition project for The Corbet (the overview of it is attached here so that you can see all of the different areas that we will be working to complete before the end of term).  For your homework, we would like you to create a fact-file all about yourself.  Try to include as much information about yourself as you can.  For example: age, height etc as well as details about your hobbies and interests, favourite books, tv programme etc.  It would also be lovely to include some photos of you to include with your written work as well.

Please bring/email your completed fact file and photos by Wednesday 7th July.

Year 5:

We would like you to write a guide to your favourite hobby.  For example, you might be passionate about rugby, football, art, reading, gaming or cats!  You could explain what equipment (if any) is needed, why it is a fantastic hobby, how it makes you feel, how long you have been doing it etc.  Please feel free to choose how you would like to present your guide.

Please bring/email your guide to school by Wednesday 7th July.

We look forward to reading your fact-files and guides.