Owl Class Home learning – Friday 24th April

Happy Friday Owls!

Thank you so much to all of you for your hard work yesterday and thank you to those of you that have sent across some photographs of your hard work! Please don’t worry if you cannot though. It is brilliant to see how imaginatively you are all accessing the tasks Mrs Hollis and I are setting you!

For today please could you complete the following:

English – A Good News Story! Yesterday we looked at newspaper articles (Y5) so today I thought it would be great for us to share some of our own ‘Good News’ tales with the group. Remember to write like a journalist you must think and speak like one so search for any newspaper articles or inspiration before you set to work!

Maths – Please continue with White Rose Maths – week one, lesson 5.
PSHE – Take a look at the Bitesize Daily lesson. Today’s lesson (Y5 and Y6) has some important links to ‘well being’ and ways in which to support our emotional and metal health during this strange and difficult time.
Afternoon Activity

Get Active! Ride your bike, invent an obstacle course or have a Push Up competition with Mum and Dad…!

RE and our school Values – Research a charity of your choice; find out about the work they do, who they help and why the work they do is so vital. Think about which of our school value(s) this charity represents.

And finally a challenge for you all … Teach someone in your family a new skill… it can be anything – anything at all! Importantly consider the values you are demonstrating as you teach this person this new skill! Those brave enough can send across some photographs. Perhaps a before and after shot would be fun?

Take care Owls and Owl families. I miss you all.

Sending warm wishes your way x Mrs Henney