Owl Class Home Learning 8.6.20

Good morning all.  I hope you had a great weekend and are ready for another new week.  The weather has been a bit up and down but, yes you guessed it, we had another BBQ!  Freya and Rowan have been enjoying helping out in the kitchen a lot over the past week and peeling vegetables has become the highlight of their week!  They even managed to make soup and homemade bread on Saturday with minimal damage to the kitchen and no limbs lost.  I’m thinking a full roast dinner next, what do you think?

Year 6’s, please can you get your friendship groups back to school today as Mrs Milward needs them asap.

So to work.  We thought we would try something new for English this week so read on for that.

Here are today’s tasks:

1)Spellings – here are this week’s spellings to practise and the PowerPoint to help you to learn them.

Year 5 Term 3B Week 1 Presentation

Year 5 week 7 Cursive Handwriting Practice Sheet

Year 6 Term 3B Week 1 Presentation

Year 6 week 7 Cursive Handwriting Practice Sheet

2) Reading – spend at least 20 minutes reading for pleasure or complete the attached reading comprehension.  The questions and answers are included in the same pack.

Who-let-the-Gods-Out-Chapter-1 Extract of text

Who-Let-The-Gods-Out-Chapter-One questions and answers

3)English.  BBC Bitesize or, if you would like a break from BBC Bitesize English, I am posting some English work taken from the Oak National Academy that has been set up by teachers to help with home schooling.  If you prefer to complete the Bitesize activity, that is fine.


The link to the Oak National Academy for each year group is below:


Year 5, work through the English lesson for Monday of week 5 (Week beginning Monday 18th May) on instructions.  Each daily lesson is approximately an hour long and is clearly laid out with a teaching video to follow as well as related activities. The teaching sequences build up over the week to a writing activity on Friday.

Year 6 work through the English lesson for Monday of week 4 (Week beginning Monday 11th May) also on instructions.  As with the year 5 section, each daily lesson is approximately an hour long and you follow the teaching video and instructions on the page.  In Friday’s lesson, you will be writing a set of instructions.


4) White Rose Maths – Summer term week 7 Day 1.  The link to the teaching video and worksheets are below.


Year 5 week 7 Lesson-1-Answers-Decimals-as-fractions-2-2019

Year 5 week 7 Lesson-1-Decimals-as-fractions-2-2019

Year 6 week 7 Lesson-1-Answers-Find-a-rule-two-step-2019

Year 6week 7 Lesson-1-Find-a-rule-two-step-2019

5)ttrockstar or Number Gym

6) Fitness time!  Also, other ideas for today can be found on last week’s activity menu posted last Monday.

Have a super day,

Mrs Hollis x