Owl Class Home Learning 15.6.20

Good Morning Owls; I hope you are all ok this Monday morning and have had a good weekend.  It’s been a funny mix of rain and sun which is making the weeds in my garden grow even quicker – somewhere in there there are some flowers!  Also, I am keeping an eye on the potatoes I planted in March.  That reminds me to have a look at the ones that we planted at school outside our classroom.   Remember the huge crop we had last year?  I loved the taste-testing too!

Year 6, we know this may be a strange day for some of you as we should have been heading off to Arthog today so we are sending extra virtual hugs your way.  Remember that while times are strange at the moment, they will not last forever and together we will get through them.🌈

Today’s tasks are:

1)Spellings – Practise this week’s spellings using the attached handwriting and look, cover, write check sheets.

Year 5 week 8 Cursive Handwriting Practice Sheet

Year 5 week 8 Look Say Cover Write and Check Activity

Year 6 week 8 Cursive Handwriting Practice Sheet

Year 6 week 8 Look Say Cover Write and Check Activity

2)Reading – complete the attached reading comprehension – one each for Year 5 and 6.  It is an assessment but you do not have to complete it as one.  I would suggest that you completed it over the next 3 days as part of your reading time.




Year 5 Answer-Booklet-Non-Fiction

Year 5 Mark-Scheme-Non-Fiction

Year 5 Reading-Booklet-Non-Fiction

3)English – As last week, you have a choice of either Bitesize or lessons from the Oak National Academy (see below).


The link to the Oak National Academy for each year group is below:


Year 5, work through the English lesson for Monday of week 7 (Week beginning Monday 8th June) on writing a non-chronological report.  Each daily lesson is approximately an hour long and is clearly laid out with a teaching video to follow as well as related activities. The teaching sequences build up over the week to a writing activity on Friday.  Today, select Monday’s lesson entitled ‘Reading Comprehension – word reading’.

Year 6 work through the English lesson for Monday of week 7 (Week beginning Monday 8Th June) on characters.  As with the year 5 section, each daily lesson is approximately an hour long and you follow the teaching video and instructions on the page.  Today, select Monday’s lesson entitled ‘Reading Focus – comparison’.


4)Maths – White Rose.  We are now on Summer term week 8 – day 1.  The link to the teaching video, worksheets and answers are below:


Year 5 week 8 Lesson-1-Answers-Understand-percentages-2019-1

Year 5 week 8 Lesson-1-Understand-percentages-2019

Year 6 week 8 Lesson-1-Answers-Solve-two-step-equations-2019

Year 6 week 8 Lesson-1-Solve-two-step-equations-2019

5)ttrockstars or Numbergym or if you would like something different, the following website has some great games/activities.


6) On a Monday, you would usually have PE and French so below is a sheet to help you to revise talking about pets in French.  You could also take some time to look at Miss Whit’s virtual games posts too to get those steps up.


Enjoy your day and take care all,

Mrs Hollis x