Owl Class Home Learning 1.7.20

Happy middle of the week Owls!  I cannot believe it is the first of July already; it’ll be Christmas before we know it!

And so to today’s quiz question (answer below):

What is special about the Titan Arum flower?

Here is today’s tasks:

1)Spellings – How about playing a game of Hangman with someone at home using your spellings?

2)Reading – as always, keep reading whatever you are enjoying at the moment be it books, magazines or ebooks.  Either finish off yesterday’s reading comprehension or spend some time on Reading Eggs.

3)English – Year 5 you have a choice between BBC Bitesize or the Oak National Academy.


The link to the Oak National Academy for Year 5 is below.


Year 5, work through the English lesson for Wednesday of week 9 (Week beginning Monday 22nd June).  The teaching sequences build up over the week to a writing activity on Friday which this week is writing a biography.  Today, select Wednesday’s lesson entitled ‘Read the example and identify key features’.

Year 6 – How is your time capsule coming along?  Today, continue working on written pieces to include in your envelope.  Your finished capsules need to be taken to The Corbet when you start in Year 7.


4)Maths – White Rose.  We are now on Summer term week 10 – day 3.  The link to the teaching video, worksheets and answers are below:


Year 5 week 10 Lesson-3-Answers-Calculating-angles-on-a-straight-line

Year 5 week 10 Lesson-3-Calculating-angles-on-a-straight-line

Year 6 week 10 Lesson-3-Answers-Using-scale-factors-1

Year 6 week 10 Lesson-3-Using-scale-factors

5)ttrockstars or Numbergym

6)Other ideas for today:

*Stay active!

*Use the rest of your time today to finish off any unfinished tasks from the previous 2 days i.e. yesterday’s Olympic Games task.  Year 6, you could also collect together any pictures/photos to be included in your time capsule.

Hope you have a fab day,

Mrs Hollis x

Answer: The Titan Arum is the smelliest flower in the world.  It is nicknamed the corpse flower as it smells like rotten meat!  It is also enormous – growing to around 2m tall and 3m wide!  Take a look at the link below for more info: