Owl Class (am) Home Learning 25.3.20

Morning all!  Well, here we go again!  You would be very impressed/amazed with how proficient I am getting with the old ICT with all this practise!  Still missing you lot to help me out though.  Great see you how some of your are getting along via MyMaths  and a big well done to Sam for his brilliant Easter project (see photo below). Fantastic use of clay dug up from the garden to make the Easter eggs; very creative Sam and the bunny looks very well dressed!

SM Easter

Ideas for today:

1) Maths:

MyMaths – complete the 2 measuring activities (angles and lengths).  Again, I will try to leave feedback when you finish an activity.  Each day’s activity will stay up for a week if you haven’t had chance to do it on the day that it is set.

Year 6 complete 2 of the 10 minute tests from your SATs books; the answers are at the back.  Year 5, if you have a ruler at home, find 10 objects to measure the length of in cm and convert into mm.  You could then order the lengths smallest to biggest.

2) ttrockstars – keep racking up the points for your house.

3) Reading – continue reading MacBeth as assigned to you all on Reading Eggs and keep reading for pleasure.  This could you your own book, a recipe book or a magazine etc.

4)Spelling/handwriting – writing challenge using your spellings for this week = can you write a 250 word story on the subject of your choice using your spellings as 10 of those words?  You could also illustrate if you wish.  You could even try to include brackets, dashes and commas as well.

Year 6, you could also complete one of the 10 minute tests from your GPS revision book.

5)If you have completed the first activity from the homework menu, choose another or complete what you have started.

6) Keep up the exercise/activities indoors.  Perhaps join Joe Wicks for his daily workout online at 9am each morning.  Stay happy, stay healthy and wish me luck for home schooling the 2 Hollis children for the rest of the week!

Mrs Hollis