Owl Class (am) Home Learning 6.5.20

Morning Owls- hope you are all well and ready for a Wednesday.  How are your VE Day tasks going?  In our house, Freya and Rowan are making bunting and spitfire decorations for our house as well as planning what to cook for our VE Day afternoon tea.  Yum!

Here are today’s tasks:

1) Spellings – continue practising your spellings.

2) Reading  – complete the VE Day reading comprehension below.  There are 3 levels of challenge and the answers are included.

VE Day reading comp

3)English – Writing task for today.  Your task for English today is to write a diary entry as if you were a child in 1945 experiencing VE Day first hand.  You may need to do some research about it if you haven’t done so already.  The following link from the BBC contains the memories of one man remembering what the end of the war was like for him. It may be useful to skim over to give you some ideas.


Think about the following content for your entry: What emotions do you have about the day? Maybe you feel a mixture of happiness and sadness as you may have a loved one away fighting or you could be an evacuee that hasn’t seen your family for a while.  How did you celebrate?  Did you listen to Winston Churchill’s declaration on the radio?  How did the rest of your family feel?  Was there any special food, entertainment etc?  Feel free to add little illustrations to go with your writing.

4)Maths – White Rose daily activity – Summer term week 3, day 3.  Link and worksheets below.  Remember to access the teaching video on the White Rose website first.


Year 5 week 3 Lesson-3-Answers-Divide-with-remainders-2019

Year 5 week 3 Lesson-3-Divide-with-remainders-2019

Year 6 week 3 Lesson-3-Add-and-subtract-fractions-2-2019

Year 6 week 3 Lesson-3-Answers-Add-and-subtract-fractions-2-2019

5)Fitness time!  I wonder how children in the 1940s kept fit?  What would a 1940s child think of a Joe Wicks’ workout!  Keep collecting those steps for Miss Whit’s challenge.

6)Spend time on your VE Day activity from the menu or of your own invention.

Missing you all loads,

Mrs Hollis x