Owl Class (am) Home Learning 5.5.20

Morning Owls – no puns today you will be glad to hear!  Yet again a brilliant selection of work being sent in for us to share – really impressed with all that you are doing.  How did you get on with yesterday’s work?  Did you manage to find the maths sections? Hopefully you did; you are all far better with this technology lark than me!

Here is today’s work:

1) Spellings – use your spellings in a sentence.  Make sure you know their meaning.

2)Reading – spend at least 20miuntes today reading for pleasure or log onto Reading Eggs and work through your assignments.

3) English – Complete the Bitesize daily lesson for your year group.


4)Maths – Complete the White Rose lesson today – link and worksheets below.


Year 5 week 3 Lesson-2-Multiply-4-digits-by-2-digits-2019

Year 5 week 3 Lesson-2-Answers-Multiply-4-digits-by-2-digits-2019

Year 6 week 3 Lesson-2-Compare-and-order-fractions

Year 6 week 3 Lesson-2-Answers-Compare-and-order-fractions

5) Log into ttrockstar or Numbergym to practise times tables and mental maths skills

6) Fitness time!  How are you getting on racking up the steps for Miss Whit’s lockdown challenge?  Don’t forget to email your total for this week to school on Friday.  Come on the staff!

7)Continue with your chosen VE Day activity or choose another from yesterday’s menu.

Have a fab day and stay safe,

Mrs Hollis x