Owl Class (am) Home Learning 31.3.20

Morning Owl class, hope you are all well and finding lots of interesting ways to keep busy.  Fantastic work by those completing the MyMaths work; hope you are getting my feedback.  Also, well done to Alex for completing a maths quiz (with a near perfect score) that Reuben designed.  Great work boys and thank you for sharing.

Tasks for today:

1)MyMaths: 1 task on adding and subtracting fractions to complete online.  As a bit more practise, have a go one of the addition worksheets and one of the subtraction worksheets attached. There are 3 strengths: easier, medium and harder so pick which one you feel most comfortable with.  The harder one overs both addition and subtraction together.

Addition – easier

Addition – medium

Addition and Subtraction – harder

Subtraction – easier

Subtraction – medium

2)Spellings/handwriting – use your spellings in sentences in your books.

3)Numbergym: continue working through the mental maths challenge to see how far you can get.

4)Reading – keep making time to reead for pleasure each day.  Perhaps you could read to a younger member of your family either at home or use technology and read to them via Skype etc.  Have any of you tuned into David Walliams daily story yet?

5)PSHE – Visit the Newsround site and watch today’s news.  Also, can you find 5 good news stories?  These could be linked to ways in which people are spreading hope, supporting each other or simply just a funny story.  Next, you could write the script for your own news story and even film it if you can.

6)Exercise time: Hope you are enjoying the Joe Wicks daily workouts or finding creative ways to keep fit and active; I know you lot are not short of creativity!  I could do with some ideas to try with my children.

7)We suggested an Easter project on our homework menu so you could start that today if you haven’t already.

Missing you all

Mrs Hollis