Owl Class (am) Home Learning 22.4.20

Happy Wednesday all!  Hope you are all well and findings ways to work, relax and exercise at home.  Please keep sending in pictures of what you have been up to as we love seeing them.

Here are todays tasks:
1)Spellings – can you create a wordsearch or crossword with your spellings?  Send them in and I can publish them for the class to try.

2)Reading – at least 20 minutes reading for pleasure or Reading Eggs.

3) English – BBC Bitesize have developed daily lessons for Maths, English and topic.  Today, I would like you to have a go at the English lesson for today.  They are different for each year group so you will need to follow the right link for you.  Each daily lesson is made up of video clips and activities.  Feel free to also try the maths and topic lessons too if you would like to.


4) Maths – White Rose day 3



5) ttrockstars or Numbergym to practise times tables or mental maths skills.

6)Continue the Science/Art task from yesterday.

Missing you all,

Mrs Hollis